Recruitment and Back to School – What Employers Need to Consider

Posted by: Mark Fallon on: 27/08/2020

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As schools start back, the mid to senior recruitment market may see a slight drop in active candidates. Why? As professionals with young families adapt their daily routines yet again to a new normal, they may not have the time to actively search for and pursue new opportunities or the desire to join a new company, therefore limiting the access that organisations have to suitable candidates. In this article, we outline the reasons behind the possible slowdown in the market and provide practical advice that employers can implement into their recruitment activity over the coming weeks in order to hire the best talent.

Why Might the Mid to Senior Recruitment Market Slowdown?

As schools reopen their doors, parents with young children will naturally have concerns regarding their children’s protection against COVID-19, not to mention an added layer of uncertainty as to what will happen should a child show symptoms at school. In addition to this, many families will face a change in their daily routines, especially those that may have relied on childminders, grandparents, neighbours or friends for support in pre-pandemic times. So, what impact might this have on the recruitment market?

With pre-occupied minds, individuals may not have the time or feel that they are in the right frame of mind to look for new jobs, not to mention taking part in interviews and subsequently, a remote onboarding process with an entirely new team. There may also be a reluctance to change companies in the fear that a new employer will not provide the flexibility required for an individual with a young family in current circumstances. It is therefore important that employers take this into consideration in the coming weeks and adapt their recruitment activities appropriately to attract the right talent.

Advice for Employers Actively Recruiting in the Mid to Senior Market

First and foremost, employers need to ensure that their advertised job specifications are a clear representation of their companies. In particular, if a company supports family-friendly policies such as flexible working hours, permanent remote working, parental leave and such, they should be clearly outlined.

Companies that do secure interviews with suitable candidates, need to ensure they maximise these opportunities. Facilitate an honest discussion, allowing for open dialogue between all parties so that the interviewer gets to know the candidate on an appropriate personal level. If an individual shares that they have a young family, the hiring manager can reaffirm the company’s supportive policies. The discussion will also allow insight into the interviewee’s agreement or terms of contract with their current or previous employer, so that the hiring company can provide similar support for the candidate if they are in a position to do so.

After the interview process, the internal recruitment and management teams should communicate appropriately as to the policies applicable to the individual. Ensuring that everyone is on the same page will prevent any miscommunication with the individual prior to and upon joining the company. The remote onboarding process should also be flexible enough to work with the individual’s family schedule, making the transition as easy as possible for the new addition.

Finally, companies hiring now and in the future should consider using a specialist recruitment company. Apart from sourcing the best candidates in the market, recruiters will have conversations on behalf of their clients with individuals regarding their personal circumstances. This screening process ensures that the expectations of candidates and companies align in relation to a role, with the most suitable candidates moving forward for interview rounds.

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Mark Fallon

Mark Fallon

With over 10 years’ experience in financial services recruitment, Mark has partnered with some major financial services clients in Ireland.

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