Posted by: Orla Louden on: 03/08/2022

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Global macro strategies offering protection against equity drawdowns continue to outperform amid high inflation and the risk of recession, while stock markets continue to suffer, and as such, the market is experiencing an increased demand for macro strategists and analysts in hedge funds. Meanwhile sell-side junior candidates are now increasingly eager to make the move to the buy side.

Senior Rates Vol/ RV and FX Vol Portfolio Managers are in demand across the sector, with both top tier and smaller hedge funds looking to make hires in this area.

The market for quant researchers, analysts and developers is buoyant, as more traditional macro shops seek to add a systematic layer to their strategies to replicate their discretionary (fundamental) investment process in a way that is robust and scalable through the implementation of data sets.


Clark Fenton, former CIO of Permal, has been appointed Head of Multi-Strategy Solutions for Trium Capital, as the firm looks to develop its multi-manager offering. This appointment will see Fenton build out and manage Trium Capital’s multi-strategy products, including combinations of Trium’s uncorrelated liquid alternative products.


Several economic factors are impacting the sector’s recruitment processes. The risk of recession and increasing market volatility is affecting hiring plans and processes, with a number of companies freezing or considering freezing the hiring of key positions. Moreover, amid this market volatility and general economic uncertainty, many candidates are less willing to consider career moves, further constricting the talent available where companies are continuing to hire. Taking the uncertainty of today’s markets into consideration, it comes as no surprise that competition is fierce for top-ranking Portfolio Managers to generate alpha.


There continues to be demand in the hedge funds industry for Rates Vol/RV and FX Vol Portfolio Managers, and a number of clients are specifically seeking female talent especially, to help support gender balance. Discretionary macro firms are increasingly seeking quants, while Macro Associates and Strategists are also in high demand. 

If you are interested in learning more about live opportunities, or you would like to discuss how we can support your hiring processes in the current market, please get in touch with Orla Louden, Senior Consultant in Hedge Funds.

Orla Louden

Orla Louden
Senior Consultant, Front Office

Orla began her career in fixed income and FX middle office for a multinational investment bank, before moving to FX institutional sales for EMEA.

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