For the organisations we work with who see interim managers as the missing piece of the puzzle.

Interim Management

Coopman is a specialist in interim management roles. We continuously develop our network of exceptional professionals across our multiple specialisms, assisting small business and large corporations by providing quick access to high impact, interim individuals.

Clients engage with Coopman for many reasons ranging from strategy to execution, meaning that the interim professionals working with us can expect to see opportunities across a wide range of services.

We are always on the lookout for people with the desire, resolve and senior-level experience to operate successfully as an executive interim manager.

We will assess your experience and consider whether we can assist you in identifying an interim assignment. Working with us means you will be able to start developing lasting relationships with our clients based on trust and apply for assignments that are both advertised and unadvertised.


  • Exposure to complex and challenging projects
  • Build your professional network
  • Paid premium through attractive daily rates
  • Flexible working arrangements
  • Help break into new sectors


  • Contact us to register your interest
  • Call with a specialist consultant to discuss your current situation
  • In person meeting to assess technical and soft skills
  • Introduction to our network of clients
  • Referral to our accounting partners to set you up legally as a contractor



An Umbrella Company is a Limited Company that manages all invoicing, payments, taxes and compliance on behalf of a contractor. An Umbrella Company is often the preferred way to set up for first-time contractors, as it is a less expensive option than setting up a Personal Limited Company.

The Umbrella Company manages the full setup for a contractor, ensuring all compliance and invoicing requirements are meet, alongside managing all payroll, business expense claims and tax affairs.

A Personal Limited Company is your own LTD Company, whereby you select the company name, the directors and shareholders of the company.

The main difference between the PAYE Umbrella Company and Director Umbrella Company is the class of PRSI.

A PAYE Umbrella Company is a Limited Company which allows you to maintain Class A PRSI contributions to the social welfare while on contract.

In paying class A PRSI, the employers portion of PRSI (10.95%) is a company expense and must be paid from the your gross daily rate to arrive at the taxable contract income.

This is the standard set up for all PAYE Umbrella companies in Ireland.

The Director Umbrella Company enables you to become a Director of a Limited Company without any of the costs involved in setting up a Personal Limited Company. As a proprietary Director of the Umbrella Company, you have a self-employed status where you pay the lower rate of PRSI (Class S) 4% and do not need to pay the employers portion of PRSI.

Yes - there are common criteria which everyone must comply with, irrespective of employment status, when applying for a mortgage. 10% for 1st time buyers and 20% otherwise.

This will depend on your tax credits and business expense claims. It is best to speak with an advisory in Icon Accounting to further discuss your circumstances.

The Irish tax year runs from 1 January to 31 December. From January 2019, PAYE Modernisation is the new method in which reporting pay, tax and other deductions must be submitted to Revenue by a new real time reporting regime. PAYE Modernisation abolishes the reporting obligations for P30s, P45s, P46s, P35s and the generation of P60s.

Tax relief may be claimed on business expenses that are wholly, exclusively and necessarily required for the business. Personal expenses are deemed allowable as per Revenue. For further information and advice, it is best to speak with an advisor in Icon Accounting.